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Rapid Arnis - latest syllabus

In September 2016, the 3rd version of the Rapid Arnis syllabus was released to instructors, and included a major structural overhaul. All active Senior Instructors were consulted on the material they felt was crucial to the system, and where they felt improvements could be made. Eventually this led to the development of a core training program, that all students could be universally assessed in.

Throughout the core training program, Rapid Arnis students become proficient in:

  • Single stick

  • Double stick

  • Dagger

  • Stick and dagger

  • Longstick

  • Empty hand striking

  • Empty hand grappling

Students spar in various different formats, and are tested - under pressure - to verify that they have developed certain levels of capability and understanding of the material. These "gradings" are done by one or more qualified Rapid Arnis Instructors. Grades are: Yellow; Green; Blue I/II; Brown I/II.

Once a student has passed Brown II, they will be expected to know the full core program inside and out, and can begin preparing for assessment at Instructor level, aka. Blackbelt. This is a 3-day assessment in which candidates are tested in their knowledge of the syllabus material, fighting ability, teaching ability, and their ability to improvise under adverse conditions. It is held once a year at the Rapid Arnis annual summercamp, and if a candidate misses the camp, or fails their assessment, they must wait for the camp the following year to have another go.

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