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Rapid Arnis International

Originally set up in 1993, Rapid Arnis was a system developed by Pat O'Malley with the goal of delivering authentic Filipino Martial Arts in the UK. In 2000 the name was changed to Rapid Arnis International, and the group is currently under the direction of committee members Andrew Janson (Committee Chairman), Jon Broster (Grading Panel), Kam Dhiman (Course Administrator), and Carl Rein (Networking and Affiliates).

Stylistic Influences

Since 1993 Rapid Arnis has been influenced by a number of systems - the most prominent being: Lapunti Arnis De Abenico, Doce Pares, Modern Arnis, Balintawak, Serrada Eskrima, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Each instructor brings their own individual input, and each school has its own unique style and character. Students are encouraged to cross-train with different schools and instructors, and the annual summercamp sees instructors from far and wide delivering tuition on the subjects they are most passionate about.

Rapid Arnis Today

In recent years, Rapid Arnis International has delivered a very successful Intensive Training Programme for students who wish to progress through the system, but who aren't able to attend regular weekly classes. The system's core syllabus is also in its 3rd incarnation, introduced in September 2016, with an increased emphasis on versatility, transitioning, and learning the finer technical details earlier on in the student's development.


Pat O'Malley

Chief Instructor

Pat is one of the most prolific characters in the development of FMA in the UK, and has travelled the globe as both student and instructor. Originally studying with Guro Bob Breen in JKD Kali, Pat quickly gained success and notoriety as a fighter on the full contact scene. After winning 3 international titles, 5 European titles, and 32 UK titles, Pat went on to coach the British stickfighting team, who enjoyed numerous victories under his direction. Pat also and founded the Black Eagle Society - full contact, anything goes stick-fighting where participants only have a helmet and gloves. He was recently promoted to Grand Master at the Doce Pares HQ in Cebu, and made a Grand Master of WEKAF (World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation).

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